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Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Process Training Joseph C. Noto

Joseph C. noto states that the first two (2) days of interdisciplinary collaborative law training of the three (3) day training held by the Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey, (the”CDANJ” is going very well.  Twelve attendees signed up for the training some 8 attorneys, 3 mental health people and one financial person. Joseph C. Noto is a collaborative divorce attorney, Board member of the CDANJ, and a trainer in the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Process. Snow caused the training to be rescheduled, however the third day has been rescheduled for February 23rd.  Along with Joseph C. Noto is Adam Berner, Esq., Shireen Meistrich, a L.C.S. W., and Walter Loeffler, C.P.A., all of which make up the Interdisplinary Collaborative Law process training Team.  The attendees are learning how the Interdisciplinary collaborative law process is the best way for a couple in transition to get a divorce since the spouses can do it without going to court. The Team approach helps these couples resolve what THEY think are the best solutions for the family and NOT a judge. The weather looks good for the rescheduled February 23rd third day of training, when all the attendees will also get a Collaborative Law Training Certificate of completion.