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NJFCLA bill update Bergen County Collaborative divorce Lawyers Joseph C. Noto

Joseph C. Noto, a Bergen County collaborative divorce lawyer, wants his blog viewers to know that on December 19, 2013A-4586  was introduced in the New Jersey State Legislature.  The bill is sponsored by Asm. Patrick Diegnan (D-South Plainfield) Deputy Speaker/Parliamentarian and sponsor of the Uniform Mediation Act and the act that created a cause of action for […]

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Same Sex Marriage Bill Joseph Noto Bergen County divorce lawyer

Bergen County divorce lawyer, Joseph C. Noto, wants to update his bloggers as to the present bill regarding same sex marriages in NJ.   A bill that would etch into statute the right of same-sex couples to marry in New Jersey is on a fast track in the state Senate. The bill, S-3109, scheduled for a […]

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Grandparents Visitation rights bill Bergen County divorce lawyers Joseph Noto

Joseph Noto, a Bergen County divorce lawyer, wants grandparents and siblings to know about the Bill regarding grandparents’ visitation rights and the potential high hurdles it may impose on grandparents. The New Jersey Law Journal on December 2, 2013 reports that: “Legislation that would toughen New Jersey’s statutory standards for granting visitation rights to grandparents, […]

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Bergen County Divorce Lawyer Joseph Noto update on Alimony Reform bill

Bergen county divorce lawyer, Joseph Noto, furnishes and updae n the alimony reform bill. There was an aticle in the New jersey Law Journal which Address the concerns on the Alimony reform bill which Mr. Noto believes his viewers would be interested in. It provides: “N.J. Alimony Reform Measure Is Panned by Family Lawyers” Mary […]

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Groupon Ad Lawyers Joseph Noto Divorce Lawyer Bergen County

Bergen County divorce lawyer, Joseph C. Noto, wants potential clients looking for a divorce to  be aware of false advertising in “groupon” ads.  Lawyers tempted to use Groupon or similar coupon services as lures for clients got reassurance on Monday that they won’t be violating ethics rules, provided the deals are carefully structured. An American […]

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Same Sex Marriage in NJ Joseph C. Noto famly law attorney

Family Law Attorney Joseph C. Noto wants you to know that the New Jersey Supreme Court on Friday refused to issue a stay while the state attorney general appeals a judge’s ruling that allows same-sex marriage. The court said the state had not shown a reasonable probability it would succeed on the appeal, nor that […]

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Bergen County Divorce Lawyer Joseph Noto caregiver case

Bergen County Divorce Lawyer Joseph Noto wants you to know about the recent case of who can and can not be a cre giver of a child.  In “New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services v. J.S., App. Div. (Sabatino, J.A.D.) (32 pp.) Defendant, a biological father, appeals from the Family Part’s judgment terminating […]

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Joseph Noto Collaborative Divorce Attorney Bergen County NJ Family Collaborative Law Bill

Joseph Noto, a collaborative divorce attorney in Bergen County, is on the NJ Council of Collaborative Practice Groups, as well as on the Council’s Legislative Committee to help get a bill passed regarding the NJ Family Collaborative Law Act.  Mr. Noto says things are progressing very well and all the Council committee members, along with the […]

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Bergen County divorce lawyer Joseph C. Noto special need trust

Bergen County divorce lawyer Joseph c. Noto wants parents of an adult autistic child with a special needs trust to know about the recent case of the Supreme Court of NJ.  In its first opportunity to consider the role of trusts for the benefit of adult, unemancipated, disabled children of divorce, the New Jersey Supreme […]

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Joseph C. Noto, a divorce lawyer in Bergen County, wants to let you know that if you are going through a divorce and alimony is an issue, that duration of the alimony will arise.  The question will always arise as to whether or not it is a limited or permanent alimony case.  When is it […]

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