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Victoria Smith JD CDANJ Annual Rereat

The Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey will be hosting its annual retreat this coming Sunday, Februrary 8, 2015, and its guest speaker is Victoria Smith, JD.   Joseph C. Noto, a collaborative divorce attorney in Bergen County and who is a Director and member of the Collaborative Divorce Association of North Jersey (“CDANJ”), says he is going to this annual retreat. Victoria Smith, J.D., is a Toronto family lawyer with over 30 years of experience, of which 13 years has been confined in her practice to settlement work – Collaborative Practice and Mediation.  Victoria Smith is a member of Chestnut Collaborative Solution, a group of 11 independent Collaborative Professionals in Toronto.  She says her life work is to help her clients resolve conflict wisely and with dignity, and to support an evolution in the legal profession from adversarial advocacy to conflict resolution advocacy.  Joseph C. Noto says that among her many other achievments she is a member of the Board of Directors of Collaborative Practice Toronto and was a former director of the International Academy of Collaborartive Professionals.  She is an Adjunct Professor of Collaborative Lawyering at Osgoode Hall Law School and has written numerous articles on the Collaborative Practice. He looks forward to an exciting retreat and listen to what Victoria has to present.