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NJ Famly Law Act celebration Joseph Noto Bergen County Collaborative divorce lawyer

Joseph Noto, a Bergen County collaborative divorce lawyer, attended on November 13,  a celebration of the passsing of the New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act. 

The new law. P.L. 2014, C. 50, empowers families to divorce with dignity and self-esteem, without resort to conventional litigation.   The Act was widely praised by both parties and the law passed all legislative committees and both Houses without a single ‘no’ vote. And the new law gained widespread endorsement of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP), New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA), New Jersey Law Revision Commission (NJLRC), and all five New Jersey Uniform Law Commissioners.

Joseph Noto also said that Asw. Schepisi, from Bergen County, said in her opening remarks upon receiving the Council’s award for her work on passage of the new Act: “Once the decision to divorce, there is an emotional and financial toll on couples and families. This new law empowers couples and families to divorce with dignity and respect, supporting them. It is a better solution to a very difficult problem.”

The New Jersey Council of Collaborative Practice Groups recognized Asm. Patrick Diegnan for his outstanding leadership at a reception held at Olio’s in Woodbridge. Asm.  Diegnan was a prime sponsor and spearheaded passage of the New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act (NJFCLA) in the State Legislature

The NJ Council of Collaborative Practice Groups also recognized Thomas Lynch, Chief of Staff to Asm. Diegnan, and Laura C. Tharney, Esq., Executive Director of the NJ Law Revision Commission for their outstanding service.

The New Jersey Council of Collaborative Practice Groups supports excellence among the community of collaborative professionals, and promotes and expands the use of quality Collaborative Practice throughout New Jersey. The Council serves as a unified voice and central resource for education, training, networking and development of standards of practice as well as expanding public and professional awareness. Joseph Noto. a member of the Council’s legislative committee, said it was a fantastic party.