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Joseph Noto Collaborative divorce Lawyer Advance training session

Bergen County Collaborative divorce lawyer, Joseph Noto, presented to a group of collaborative trained professionals advance training on the use of a “facilatator model” when conducting a collaborative divorce.  Joseph Noto explained that in his opinion this is the best model to use in a collaborative divorce.   A team of two (2) collaboratively trained attorneys, a financial person and a mental health professional (the “facilatator”) make up the team. The financial person and the mental health professional are neutrals in the collaborative divorce process and are also retained by the divorcing couples in this  process.  This works so well for the couple, since each discipline does what each does best during the three (3) stages of a divorce: (the legal, emotional and financial stages).  This interdisciplinary model allows the parties “to contol the content and process” while the team “controls the process.”  Joseph Noto says when you meet with a collaboratively trained divorce attorney see which model he/she uses before retaining them.  This model works best whether or not there are children involved and the costs are considerably less since you save money using the neutrals rather than have two (2) attorneys work with you on the collaborative divorce process during these three (3) stages of divorce.