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Joe Noto ESQ.

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Divorce Attorney in Bergen County…Joe Noto ESQ. has extensive and diverse family law experience and credentials to serve all your family law needs. Joe Noto ESQ. is a divorce lawyer, divorce mediation attorney and a trained collaborative law attorney, serving clients in Bergen, Passaic and Essex counties. NJ.

Joe Noto ESQ. – Co-founder of NJ Collaborative Law Group

When one thinks of collaborative divorce in NJ, Joe Noto ESQ. comes to mind since he is co-founder and first president of the New Jersey Collaborative Law Group. In addition, he is a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP), board member of the North Jersey Collaborative Practice Group and co-founder and member of the New Jersey Council of Collaborative Practice Group.

Joe Noto ESQ. – Divorce Mediator

Joe Noto’s divorce mediation credentials include certificates of advanced training in the practice of divorce mediation from the Institute for Dispute Resolution of New Jersey. He has led hundreds of couples through successful divorce mediation.

The reason that Joe Noto ESQ. has successfully led couples through mediation and collaborative divorce is his expertise in all the legal, financial, and emotional issues relating to divorce. Due to Joe’s extensive professional network of professionals, he can refer his clients to therapists, accountants/financial advisors, real estate agents, and real estate appraisers which are all often part of the divorce process.

Joe Noto ESQ. – Family Law Attorney

In addition to being a divorce mediator and collaborative divorce lawyer, Joe Noto ESQ. is also a traditional family law attorney with over 20 years of experience in divorce litigation.

Although Joe Noto ESQ. is an advocate of collaborative divorce and divorce mediation as preferred alternatives for many divorces, he realizes that there are circumstances that sometimes make these more amicable options impossible. When collaborative divorce and divorce mediation are not the best option, Joe utilizes his expertise in family law as a divorce lawyer for contested divorces.

Joe Noto ESQ. – Real Estate Attorney

In addition to his collaborative law, divorce mediation, and family law practices, he is an experienced real estate attorney, working with clients on their residential and commercial real estate transactions, as well as variances and zoning applications.

Brief Interview with Bergen County, NJ Divorce Attorney

As a collaborative divorce attorney, what do you strive for most on behalf of your clients?

I help explore options to reach a settlement that is fair to both spouses without having to go to court. Instead of spending time preparing for litigation, I facilitate that all parties (you, your spouse, his/her collaborative attorney) negotiate collaboratively and fairly in order to achieve a positive outcome for all members.

What are some of the areas you facilitate as a divorce mediator?

In mediation, I make sure we cover everything, from gathering information and exploring a wide range of options to resolving conflicts and coming to agreement on all the important issues. I assist you in making decisions together, whatever your differences at the outset. In addition, I help both of you express and take care of your needs to your mutual satisfaction.

What if my spouse and I try divorce mediation or collaborative divorce (with someone other than Joe Noto) but cannot agree to anything? What then?

I am also trained in traditional family law and will represent you in all steps of divorce litigation. From custody, child support and assets, I make sure you understand your choices. I then work with you through your divorce with the end goal of a fair settlement that protects your rights and serves your children’s and your best interests.

Note that if I am your collaborative lawyer or divorce mediator, then I cannot represent you later as your divorce lawyer for a contested divorce.

What if I have to sell my house as part of the divorce settlement? Do I have to find a real estate attorney too?

Often part of divorce settlements include sale of a home. Rather than having to find another attorney – in addition to your divorce lawyer – I can also represent you since I am an experienced NJ real estate lawyer. My expertise also applies to commercial real estate transactions too.

Need a divorce lawyer and not sure if divorce mediation, collaborative

divorce or contested divorce is best for you and your family?

Call Joe Noto ESQ for your free consultation to assist you in deciding

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Divorce Attorney in Bergen County Joe Noto ESQ.



Collaborative Law

  • Co-founder and first President of the New Jersey Collaborative Law Group
  • Co-founder and member of New Jersey Council of Collaborative Practice Groups
  • Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Trainer
  • Trustee and Board Member, North Jersey Collaborative Practice Group
  • Member, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
  • Advanced Interdisciplinary Training with Stuart T. Webb and Associates, 2007
  • Intermediate Interdisciplinary Training with Susan Gamache and Associates, 2007


Divorce Mediation

  • Member, New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators
  • Advanced Mediation Training with Forrest “Woody” Mosten, 2007
  • Certificate of Advanced Divorce Mediation Training, The Institute for Dispute Resolution of New Jersey, 2005
  • Certificate, Intensive Mediation Internship in the Practice of Divorce Mediation, The Institute for Dispute Resolution of New Jersey, 2005
  • Certificates of divorce mediation training and intensive advanced training in the practice of divorce mediation from The Institute for Dispute Resolution of New Jersey
  • Advanced mediation training from Forrest “Woody” Mosten for highly experienced mediators
  • Member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators

Family Law

    • Member, New Jersey State Bar Association
    • Admitted to practice 1968 in New Jersey and U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey
    • J.D., St. Johns University School of Law, 1965
    • Extensive experience as a family law attorney
    • Deep and current knowledge of family law


  • M.B.A., Fairleigh Dickenson University, 1986
  • President of Wonder Muffler & Brake, an international muffler chain, 1981 to 1984
  • Took a company public in the 1980s
  • President, Garden State Tire & Auto Centers, one of the largest tire chains in New Jersey, 1968 to 1979
  • President, Garden State Tire Corp. since 1967
  • Charter Member, Sunset Rotary Club, Central Bergen County, Rotary International

Real Estate Experience

  • Former outside Counsel, Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc. 1980-1995
  • Real estate interests
  • President, Garden State Tire Realty Corp. (a New Jersey realty holding company) since 1967

Decorated Vietnam Veteran

  • Bronze Star Medal
  • Air Medals
  • Vietnam Campaign Ribbon
  • Combat Infantry Badge
  • Paratrooper
  • Former infantry captain in U.S. Army Reserves

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