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Annual Retreat North Jersey Collaborative Law Group Joseph Noto collaborative divorce lawyer

Joseph Noto, a Bergen County collaborative divorce lawyer with the North Jersey Collaborative Law Group, attended the group’s annual retreat. The subject was “NARRATIVE UNDERSTANDING” and the facilitators were Danielle Spencer and Abby Rosmarin.  Joseph Noto said that In the workshop the group explored what is a narrative, why we create them, and how they work in order to enrich our understanding, our experiences, our selves and our clients.   We learned that before we can help our clients, we, in tandem with them, must first understand how they frame their experience.  Through a combination of discussion and exercises, including short writing prompts, we practiced  how to improve our narrative analytical skills.  The exercises helped to improve mutual understanding and collegiality in the group, and to spur creative reflection on our practice. 

Joseph Noto also said that “Through a narrative, we construct, reconstruct, in some ways reinvent yesterday and tomorrow. Memory and imagination fuse in the process.”

Joseph Noto said it was a fantastic annual retreat and looks forward to using this information in future collaborative divorce consultations. .